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08:48 - 30/05/2011
Dirty Magazine and Juergen Teller on a white horse

Carl gave me this magazine. It is not to be found on regular shelves but in the dirty section, and can only be ordered online in the united states.

I don’t know if I like all the images, and I don’t think I should post any here, but I still love the thought. It feels modern. Since fashion and art in general, for me, always has flirted with the erotic. It makes sense. And Juergen Teller is great.

Here is a picture of Juergen Teller on a white horse instead.

12:31 - 29/05/2011

I have been at the countryside playing chess, reading, fishing and watching the clouds change. I did not catch any fish but I think I saw a black otter.

10:58 - 27/05/2011
Junior playing the banjo

I made a video of Junior playing the banjo, click here, and here is a nice movie about the Rolling Stones. I need to get a camera I can film with.

11:43 - 25/05/2011
Man on buffalo

Richard Avedon photographing a man on a buffalo in Cody, Wyoming. From Lara Wilsons book Avedon at Work.

06:34 - 24/05/2011
Fishing with Ellinor

Fishing with Ellinor at Djurgarden, we did not catch any fish.

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